Thursday Aug 03, 2023

Toxic and addictive effects of nicotine on children

This month, Dr. Rachel Agbeko, Senior Editor of ADC, is joined by Dr. Jonathan Coutts (1), to discuss a viewpoint titled, "Toxic and addictive effects of nicotine on children and adolescents: are we sleepwalking into a public health disaster?"

In their conversation they touch on reported statistics relating to adolescent vaping behaviour, EVALI syndrome, and the often-quoted "95% safer" rating of e-cigarettes versus standard cigarette consumption.

Read the paper:

The ADC Spotlight podcast is the Archives of Disease in Childhood podcast covering areas that don’t usually get much attention or might be taken for granted in children's health. This series is produced by Letícia Amorim and edited by Brian O'Toole.

(1)  Neonatology Department, Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow, UK

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