Friday Dec 29, 2023

Really difficult stuff

Proving something is safe, or that bad things don’t happen, is always hard. Really hard. And when people turn to the published literature to investigate adverse effects you have to send them much praise - like the team have done in this month's Archimedes when looking at if baclofen causes seizures (

The other thing we often struggle with is how much we can lump stuff together in a systematic review ( So we chat about that. If you’re comparing fruit salad with potato salad, it’s probably fine to have apples and oranges (and banana and kiwi) in the same bowl. If you’re looking to see which apple to bake in a pie, you don’t want your crab apples in with your pippins and Granny Smiths. Baking tips can be found in this podcast too, it transpires. 

We would love for you to be involved in Archi ( - just ask the questions that your patients are offering you - and tell us how you’re finding the podcast offerings.

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